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 Pictures from Alaska trip, Christmas 2007


 Much faster than by e-mail, web pages, et al.


When you open a folder (under the horizontal line below), you will see a column of photos:

     each photo is named and ends in ".jpg"

     Double click on the 1st photo in the column.

To go back to the column of photos after viewing,

      click on (Internet Explorer's left arrow). 

When ready to get out altogether,

     click on   or on once or twice.

 Okay, it's an odd procedure!    But simple.

(Koq = Kodiak, AK     Anc = Anchorage, AK)

Open folder (/AK/2007.wildlife) Alaska wildlife scenes

 10 ea pix, December 23-27, 2007


Open folder (/AK/2007.Kodiak)  select Kodiak scenes

    8 ea pix, December 23-27, 2007


Open folder (/AK/2007.all) all worthy photos 2007 Alaska

all, December 23-27, 2007