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updates in December 2009

  the 2007 Grimes-Schell Thanksgiving reunion at

 a Rodanthe beach house (Hatteras) Outer Banks, NC 27968


  pictures follow 

 the Grimes brothers

Thomas "Lew" Grimes (b1941) and Samuel "Jan" Grimes (b1946)

 the link

Samuel "Jan" Grimes and Joan Schell Grimes (Asheville)

 the Schell sisters

Joan Schell Grimes and Peggy Schell Ottalini


 the rest of the beach bums

(late) Mims Schell (mother/grandmother) (Asheville)

Lisa (caregiver/attendant)

Samuel "Jan" Grimes and Joan Schell Grimes

Peter (Cincinnati), Hannah (Baltimore), and Katharine (then Chapel Hill)

David Ottalini and Peggy Schell Ottalini

Daniel and Russell (College Park, Maryland area)

Thomas "Lew" Grimes and Dottie Fleming Grimes (now Apex)

Peter Grimes and Lyz Hagenbuch Grimes (Cincinnati)

Katharine Grimes and fiancÚ Andy Crum (Chapel Hill)

update: now Katherine & Andy Crum of Charlotte where Kate began her first year of medicine after graduating from UNC Medical School


Hannah (Baltimore) update: will marry this summer (2010) is teaching

the beach

the beach house

3 stories, 5 bedrooms, 6 bathrooms, 8 TVs and more, but most important: family time and the beach

Thanksgiving dinner

L-R Russell standing (green T), Dottie and Peggy seated, Kate standing, Jan seated, and far right Lisa.

L-R Joan, Mims, Lisa, Lyz, and Peggy's back

L-R  Andy (standing, empty plate), Hannah (listening & dishing), Daniel, Jan, and barely visible under the window Lew.

L-R at bar: Andy, Kate, Russell, Daniel, Hannah, and Peter



We are especially thankful for family time, family feasts and fun,

hugs, sunrises, and natural wonders.


outdoor fun

Joan and Peggy

Joan, Frederick, and Sally

and indoor fun

moderate fishing success

fantastic sunrises

Everyday I dressed, shaved, and made coffee before the sunrise.  Viewing on Sunday through Wednesday was comfortable from the balcony.  The weather turned blustery late Thursday, but we had wall-to-wall windows to see the final sunrises while inside!

scenic vistas from the shore



and peaceful views from the balcony


Missing from above photos is the photographer, David Ottalini, shown here with Peggy on their Bermuda cruse earlier in 2007.


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T. L. Grimes



December 09, 2009