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Our September 2010 Oregon visit





 The 100th Pendleton Roundup (much more than a rodeo)

and our Tour of Widmer Bros Beer in Portland


September 14-19, 2010 - we visited dear friends in Pendleton, Oregon and attended the 100th Pendleton Roundup: our third or fourth Pendleton Roundup.  It is much more than a rodeo as nearly a 100,000 descended upon a well-prepared town of 17,000.


(In July 1969 after completing a one-year remote assignment at the Distant Early Warning (radar) site at Barrow, Alaska, Lew was assigned to the Titan II (Intercontinental Ballistic Missile) unit at Davis-Monthan AFB, Tucson, Arizona. Lew attended Air Force technical schools in Texas and California before we arrived in Tucson just days before Christmas that year. About five and a half years later, still in at Davis-Monthan AFB, Lew separated from the Air Force.  During intervening years Lew worked with and/or directly for Bob Culley.  After Bob's retirement from the Air Force, he and Mariann and children Travis and Erin, settled Pendleton near where Bob and Marriann grew up.  Like Lew, Bob had served in radar/air defense units before arriving in Tucson.  We all became close.  We have traveled across the country and across the Atlantic and the Pacific to visit each other.  In 2003 we celebrated our 40th anniversaries on Hawaii, the big island splitting the difference between our anniversary date and Bob and Mariann's three months later.)


While in Portland, Oregon we visited Travis and toured the Widmer Bros. Brewery where he works: quality control.


Pendleton Roundup Daily Show Schedule September 15, 2010. (PDF)




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December 21, 2010