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"Grimes easy" to find at  and


current contact information for

Thomas L. "Lew" Grimes  &  Dorothy F. "Dottie" Grimes

   updated on July 27, 2012  



basic information in a PDF file: best for printing and saving

new home address effective December 11, 2008

 new (wired) home phone number and new mobile/voice mail number in 2009

NOTICE:  Phone calls are blocked  from those hiding their identity and/or phone number, and phone calls are sometimes blocked between 11:00PM and 6:00AM Eastern Time. 

 E-mail is the preferred way to leave a message.

NOTICE:  Google-maps is the only internet site that shows  all entrances and connecting roads  to our neighborhood and one of them is used incorrectly (May 28, 2010); two routes use NO-LEFT-TURN intersections; hence, our own internet directions.

We  have NOT joined any social network including Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, etc; this website is our one-way, world-wide, prime contact initiator and communicator to and for far flung friends and family: some news, pictures, archives, and more.



our "public" e-mail address

time zone

home phone


voice mail/mobile




mobile service





shipping address & more ◊◊

Eastern (Washington, D.C.) Time

919-249-7020  **


* 919-622-7966  ** 

* e-mail preferred or 919-622-7966

* power off is routine at/near home

* text messaging is disabled

* AT&T ##


950 Tender Drive

Apex, NC 27502-2406 USA





 if you already have a "private" e-mail address for one or both of us, then continue to use it. 


 registered Do Not Call  numbers for commercial solicitation


only national service in Alaska; mobile to mobile calls to any service are free


Our package  shipping address  at The UPS Store:


D. F. Grimes/T. L. Grimes

5448 Apex Peakway # 277

Apex, NC  27502-3924



If we fail to respond and you

        need to find us now, try these in order:        

Brother & sister-in-law:

Don & Laura Grimes    (Eastern Time/Washington, D.C. time)

(H) 210 South Salem Street, Apex, NC  27502 

(H) 919-303-7328   (Eastern Time)

(O) 903 Kildaire Farm Road, Cary, NC  27511

(O) 919-469-5443 (business number for both, Don's own law office)



Niece (Don's daughter) (Eastern Time)

Ingrid Sullivan

(H) 424 Hillcrest Road, Apex, NC 27502

(H) 919-363-3333    (Eastern Time)



Brother & sister-in-law:

Jan & Joan Grimes (Eastern Time)

(H) 115 Westwood Rd, Asheville, NC  28804

(m) Jan   828-450-5415

(m) Joan 828-301-6680

(O) 535 College Street, Asheville, NC  28801

(O) 828-255-0460  (Jan's own law office, Grimes & Teich, LLP)



Posted by

T. L. Grimes

July 27, 2012