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 seeking lost contacts

Hopefully, other dear friends and cohorts of the past 48 years and students, with whom we had lost contact, will find us.  Some have!

Across time, jobs and professions, states and countries, we have lost contact with too many dear friends and cohorts.  Many, like us, were very busy and moved on: voluntarily seeking new and distant challenges, or driven by career or family circumstances, or moved by an employer, sometimes by the ultimate mover, the US military.

Among those we would like locate are:

staff members at (Scout) Camp Durant (1956-1960);

classmates, Class of '59 and Class of '60, Cary High;

members and friends of Alpha Phi Omega, NC State (1959-64);

a few who served or lived at/near

Minot AFB, ND (1964-67),

Davis-Monthan AFB, AZ (1970-76), and

Barrow, Alaska (1988-89);

a few who taught in/associated with public schools

on the Tohono O’odham Nation, Arizona (1976-80 and 1999-2002) on the reservation west of Tucson,

in the Aleutians (1980-1994) and

on the Yukon River at Nulato (1996-97); and the

the International School Yangon, Rangoon, Burma (1998)

while one or both of us were associated.

In times past, whenever we traveled through the Anchorage airport, we usually encountered and visited with other travelers we already knew.  I guess we thought it would never end.

We have been able to stay in contact with many friends, residents and past residents of the Eastern Aleutians.

  posted by

T. L. Grimes



December 09, 2009