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If the formatting is bothersome and you are using a web browser other than Microsoft's Internet Explorer or a  recent version of Apple's Safari, you may  wish to begin again using either.  A suitable Internet Explorer (all since 1995) was installed on all computers that use Microsoft's windows, and recent Safari was installed on all recent Apple computers.

  Some browsers do not show pages as suitably formatted.




This web site was designed to be viewed with the most widely used web browser, Microsoft’s Internet Explorer:

its unremarkable icon with a gold halo is depicted below.




Some browsers do not show web pages as formatted by MSO FrontPage


• (do not use)  any version  of Netscape Navigator and

• (do not use)  old versions  of Firefox, Flock, Opera or Safari.

Common  PDF "Adobe" files (files with ending ".pdf") are unaffected  by your choice of web browser.  PDF files (portable document format) often appear with the icon shown here: or


Except for border color,  Apple's Safari for Windows  shows web pages formatted as programmed.  Some prefer its layout: space to view content is maximized; it is not cluttered with toolbars, etc. 


Minimum requirements for Apple's Safari 3.2.2 for windows:

•  Windows XP or Windows Vista

•  At least 256MB of RAM

•  500Mhz Pentium-class processor or better


And it's free:

download/use the Safari 3.2.2 for windows, or

download/use the newly released Safari 4.0 for windows.


other viewing tips

TIP:  Unlike me, professional website developers use updated software, therefore users (site viewers like you) should keep their internet browsers and PDF readers updated in order to view them properly or at all.


TIP:  Improper display settings for your monitor/flat screen display may skew the image.  For windows, display settings are made with the Display (properties) control panel.  If you have changed monitors/displays since your system was purchased, settings could be the problem.



December 14, 2009