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Dottie & Lew on past two passports





A warm November day 2010,

in Apex, NC on Lew's brother's front porch swing.




Dottie arrives in Anchorage about midnight in May 2009 after 16 hours flying

plus about 5 hours ground time!



our flights in May 2009 (a pdf file)


Arriving  Nelson Lagoon, AK in May 2009: top - the Bering Sea;

bottom - Nelson Lagoon for which the village is named




Lew in Nelson Lagoon, AK in May 2009: low tide on the Lagoon side





Dottie with Richard Johnson at Nelson Lagoon picnic May 2009





Lew in Kodiak, AK on Christmas day 2007



Dottie & Lew in Arizona 2006





January 08, 2011