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 With Family Thanksgiving 2009


We spent Thanksgiving 2009 with Lew's brother and wife (Don and Laura) who live in our new hometown (Apex, NC) and their children and grandchildren.



Our Thanksgiving 2009 gathering, left to right: Dottie & Lew, Laura and Don (Lew's brother); Don's children Ingrid and Anna with husbands and children.  Ingrid: Paul Sullivan, Caroline & Daphne (nearest mom).  Anna: Brian Jamieson and Catherine.


Anna, a MD/psychiatrist, spent her 7th grade school year in Nelson Lagoon, Alaska with us.


Households Dottie & Lew, Laura & Don, and Ingrid & Paul are with 1.5 miles of each other in Apex.  Our home is about 8 miles from the high school and church we (Dottie & Lew) attended in Cary.  Anna & Brian live in Cary about 800 yards from the house in which brothers Lew, Don, and Jan grew up.  That Grimes family home is now Don's law office.


When Dottie's and Lew's families moved to Cary in the mid-1950s, Cary had a population less than 3,000; today Cary has a population of more than 130,000.  Yep, those are the numbers!


Don's home in the background above is listed in the National Register of Historic Places.


The same crew got together on Saturday December 5 for a celebration of Don and Laura's anniversary on Friday December 4 and Don's birthday Monday December 7.




A Christmas 2008 picture of Caroline, Catherine & Daphne.




We spent the previous two Thanksgivings (updated Dec 2009) with Lew's other brother Jan and his extended family at the Outer Banks.