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 website history

My first dabbling with building a website was for the Annual Grimes Family Reunion in 2005.  I later became the secretary of the Spring Green Preservation Fund, and I added a few items regarding the Fund to the same site. 

My first websites were built exclusively with Microsoft Word 2003.  In 2005 I naturally began using Microsoft FrontPage 2003 which Microsoft quit supporting years ago.  FrontPage 2003 is also incompatible with Windows 7.

That initial website at had limited features and was relatively expensive (even though the first 5MB were free. Also the link was too laborious to type, remember, and communicate.  Finally, its “location” depended upon someone's continued subscription to TimeWarner high-speed Internet service in the Wilmington, NC area (on the Atlantic shore.)  I moved to Apex, NC (just west of Raleigh) in 2008.

In August 2007, I  acquired two new website addresses through  They are: for the  "Spring Green Preservation Fund, Inc." which became fully functional in September, 2007.  (It now has several mirror website names including

and, later replaced by, for the "Annual Grimes Family Reunion, etc." (It now has several mirror website names including

On September 16, 2006, the Spring Green Preservation Fund, Inc. adopted an electronic communications policy including establishing an official website.  I volunteered for the task.


Since then and particularly during the nine months ending in July 2007, I assembled, scanned, and organized documents regarding the Spring Green Primitive Baptist Church, the Spring Green Preservation Fund, Inc. (1999-present), and the (1990–1999) activities of the group that ultimately led to the formation of the Fund.

When I investigated possible domain names for the Spring Green Preservation Fund in August 2006,

“”  was my first choice and

 “” was my second choice.

Both were already registered, but not in use.   On June 23, 2007, I discovered that “” was available for $2,488.00.  A number of “Spring Green” websites pertain to activities in and around Spring Green, Wisconsin. 


Also was yet to be developed and held by the Sri Gopal Prakash Foundation whatever that is.


For a year, I held the registered domain names of:         ( and (

I never liked them, but they were available for use while other choices were being considered such as:        or           or      all requiring a double "G" input,  and etc.


All of them would have made entering (typing) respective

        domain-based e-mail addresses laborious!


I chose for the Fund.


For the same reason I chose            rather

                                      than       or


    less to "type."

Shorter domain names, and other suitable choices that I tried were already registered.

In April, 2008 Domain replaced as the primary for the Annual Grimes Reunion, et al.  E-mail addresses simply look better and are easier to remember and communicate. 

Also depending on the development of (topic 6) Other Grimes Lines at, it could evolve into a new, separate website.  Currently is a mirror to/of  Other Grimes Lines offers an online presence to and for other Grimes lines RELATED or UNRELATED to our own and/or collateral lines to our own.

To supplement exposure and content on our realtor's website, in August 2007 I added  view/buy our  home  to my inventory: now can be seen at  Happily this site was helpful in selling our Wilmington home.  (It is now sited at  Planned to be temporary, it will be deleted unless, as has been suggested, it generates interest and income for my developing other websites to sale homes.

In December 2007, being hopeful that we will indeed sell own Wilmington (NC) home, I added and mirror site for those who try to keep up with our ever changing address/contact information. 

We listed our Wilmington, NC home for sale on June 1, 2007.  I created a website to show the home and announced it the as most detailed residential property listing in the zip code. Happily the site was helpful in selling our home.

Planned to be temporary, the contents of the former   view/buy our  home   is now at 

It has been suggested that it might generate interest and income.

In December 2009 I began to develop


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T. L. Grimes



January 07, 2011